Eminem responds to Biz Markie’s ‘attempt’ at the Godzilla challenge

"Yo biz!! U bodied this!!"

Last week, Eminem challenged his fans to replicate his furious flow with what he called the #GodzillaChallenge.

On ‘Godzilla’, taken from latest album ‘Music To Be Murdered By‘, Eminem raps a staggering 224 words in just 31 seconds of the final verse, as Genius reports.

Biz Markie was among those to try and replicate the rapper, with his joking, lip-synced reposted on Twitter by LL Cool J who said: “Yo Em!!! Ya manz man Bizmarkie ain’t playing with this Godzilla challenge!!!”


Eminem himself then responded, saying: “yo biz!! U bodied this!! But this contest is 4 ameteurs only!! Ha!!”

To which Biz responded: “Awwww Eminem!!!! I’m snatching your hamburger when I see you lol.”

It comes after the track featured on ‘Music To Be Murdered By’s surprise release last month. In a three star review, NME said the record proves that Eminem is “capable of growth”.

“It would actually be quite disappointing to see Eminem grow up entirely, and he seems to be having fun as he navigates his own idiosyncratic space,” our review stated.


“And if you’re still upset by this 47-year-old man’s rap record? To paraphrase a famous scary movie trailer: “Remember – to avoid fainting, keep repeating, ‘It’s only an album, only an album, only an album…’”