Eminem says his Oscars performance was nearly ruined by technical error

"I ain’t watched it. I got creeped out."

Eminem has revealed his surprise performance at the Oscars was almost ruined by loose microphone equipment.

The rapper surprised viewers by performing ‘Lose Yourself’ during February’s ceremony, some 17 years after it featured in the film 8 Mile and won the award for Best Original Song.

Despite receiving a warm reaction from the audience in Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre, Eminem says that he refuses to watch the performance because it was almost ruined by the technical hiccup.


Appearing on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast, Eminem said: “When I went out there everything was cool. I go through the first verse and they had the mic pack that you wear to clip on your belt and your in-ears so you can hear the sound. And I’m rapping and all of a sudden I see between my legs the motherfucking pack’s swinging.”

Eminem said he spent the majority of the performance attempting to grab the mic pack before finally securing it and placing it in his pocket.

He said: “By that time the song is over and I’m like man, what the fuck. We rehearsed for that shit, I know the words to Lose Yourself, but we rehearsed that shit extra, extra, extra just so we didn’t fuck that up and that was the one thing we didn’t plan for and of course it went wrong.”

The rapper added: “I ain’t watched it. I got creeped out, I don’t want to see this shit, I’ll just get angry.”

Yesterday, Eminem revealed the winner of his #GodzillaChallenge, after he called on social media followers to take part in the social media contest.


On ‘Godzilla’, taken from latest album ‘Music To Be Murdered By‘, Eminem raps a staggering 224 words in just 31 seconds of the final verse, as Genius reports.

Lat month, Em’s fans were subsequently invited to take up the rapid-fire challenge – prompting a huge number of impressive efforts from fans

Earlier this week, Eminem was also forced to deny that he’s releasing a new album called ‘Marshall Law’ thanks to an online mixup amid the coronavirus crisis.

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