Eminem teases ‘Venom’ video and shares first footage

"They ain't gonna know what's hit 'em."

Eminem has teased the video for ‘Venom’, after leading the soundtrack to the new superhero movie.

Posting on Twitter, Eminem wrote: “They ain’t gonna know what hit ’em…”

In the first snippet of the video, a child is seen walking down the street and discovers a cracked CD case. He’s then seen taking the disc and placing it in his bag before boarding a bus – where a mysterious transformation begins.


Em also confirmed that the track will be released at 1PM on Friday.

Although featuring on the ‘Venom’ soundtrack, the song first appeared on ‘Kamikaze‘ – Eminem’s surprise album which was released last month.

The record saw Eminem firing shots at some of hip-hop’s most recognisable faces, as well as sparking an ongoing back-and-forth feud with Machine Gun Kelly.

Venom debuted in cinemas yesterday to an overwhelmingly negative reaction.

In a two-star review, NME described it as “a flawed beast that feels 10 years out of time”.


“Too often though, it proves to be a film without a solid identity, and one that feels a decade too late”, our review stated.

“Venom could have been so much more, a real chance for Sony to mark the beginning of a darkened alternative universe that was capable of taking on the multiplex slaying might of the MCU.

“As it stands, it seems that there’s very little for Disney to worry about.”