Eminem’s Kanye West and DJ Khaled collaboration tops US Christian singles chart

The remix of 'Use This Gospel' is, unsurprisingly, Marshall Mathers' first time topping this particular chart

Eminem‘s recent collaboration with Kanye West and DJ Khaled on the remix of ‘Use This Gospel’ has topped the US Christian singles chart.

The song, a remix of Kanye West‘s ‘Use This Gospel’ that originally appeared on Ye’s 2019 album ‘Jesus Is King’, features on Khaled’s recent 13th studio album, ‘God Did’.

Khaled’s version features a guest appearance from Eminem, reuniting the two rappers for the first time since 2009’s ‘Forever’, which also featured Drake and Lil Wayne.


On the remix, Eminem delivers a characteristically rapid-fire verse that seems him reflect on struggling to maintain his faith: “Please let this hate make me stronger, for they turned on me like a zombie / It’s like I’m being strangled unconscious, when temptation is almost like Satan is baiting you.

It’s now reported by Chart Data that the song has debuted at the top of the Hot Christian Songs chart, giving both Eminem and Khaled their first appearance at the summit of this particular chart.

Ye, meanwhile, topped the Christian Album Chart for ‘Jesus Is King’.

The news of Eminem’s latest chart-topping track comes after Drake earned his 11th US Number One album with the release of his latest LP ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ this summer, moving him past Kanye West and Eminem to tie Bruce Springsteen and Barbara Streisand for the third most Number Ones in Billboard 200 history, trailing only The Beatles (19) and JAY-Z (14).


Elsewhere, Eminem has revealed that he had to retrain himself to rap following his 2007 accidental overdose on methadone. The rapper was appearing on the latest episode of his manager Paul Rosenberg’s podcast Paul Pod, where he spoke about the overdose and having to relearn his craft.

“I remember when I first got sober and all the shit was out of my system, I remember just being, like, really happy and everything was fucking new to me again,” he said about working on his 2009 album ‘Relapse’.

“It was the first album and the first one that I had fun recording in a long time.”

He continued: “It was like the first time I started having fun with music again and relearning how to rap. You remember that whole process, [it] took a long time for my brain to start working again.”

Elsewhere, Eminem released his second greatest hits collection ‘Curtain Call 2’ last month.

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