So Shed Seven can sleep easy tonight, then. And what's with Emma's unhealthy fascination with NME.COM's arse?...

EMMA BUNTON has told NME.COM that her single ‘WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?’ trouncing both ASH and FEEDER in this week’s chart doesn’t herald the death of indie – and offered to sign NME.COM’s buttocks.

Speaking to NME.COM yesterday (April 5) during a signing at Brighton’s Virgin Megastore, the solo star told us: “I hope it’s not the death of indie, because I’m a massive fan of Coldplay and people like that – so no, definitely not. Obviously [‘What Took You So Long?’] is a catchy track and it’s kind of fun, but it’s got lots of guitars in it. So there you go.”

Bunton also refused to become too excited about being Number One, having been caught out in the past. “I’m very, very excited but it makes me nervous because I don’t want to get too excited. ‘What I Am’ was Number One until Friday and then things changed, so I’m going to have to wait until Sunday and then I’ll be screaming lots and having a bit of a drink.”

The signing, which drew a huge crowd, allowed Emma to meet her fans. “It’s the best part,” she told us. “At the end of the day, I wouldn’t be here without them and they really put a smile on my face.” She revealed that she once enjoyed signing a male fan’s chest, but “I’d draw the line at somebody’s willy”. She then offered to sign NME.COM’s “bum”.

To see the interview and NME.COM’s full video report from the signing, check back on NME.COM later today.