Emmy The Great: ‘My new album is inspired by dinosaur sex’

Singer/songwriter gives NME the lowdown on the follow-up to 'First Love'

Emmy The Great has said that her forthcoming second album has been inspired by Romeo And Juliet, “impending doom” and dinosaurs having sex.

The singer/songwriter, who is set to head into the studio with Depeche Mode producer Gareth Jones in September, has written 13 songs for the follow up to her 2009 debut ‘First Love’.

Like her first album, Emmy said her second effort is very literary and based on personal experiences. “After I wrote the last album, I felt terrible about having to sing songs about someone I knew so blatantly,” she told NME. “So I tried to write this record based entirely on imaginary situations. Unfortunately it didn’t end up being imaginary in the end because most of the songs are about me.”

She continued: “The first half of the album is about impending doom and the second half is about dealing with the aftermath.”

Songs slated to appear on the album, which is due out in February 2011, include ‘Paper Forest’, ‘God of Loneliness’, ‘Cassandra’ and ‘Exit Night’.

“That’s the only song where I wrote about an actual imaginary situation,” she said of the latter song. “It is sang from the point of view of someone reading Romeo And Juliet at a window and a page disappears. Then Juliet comes back for the page and for her life.”

Talking about why she named one song ‘Dinosaur Sex’, she said: “Someone just said it out loud once and it made me laugh. The point of the song is, ‘What did it do?’ It did absolutely fuck all for them [dinosaurs] did it?”

Emmy has teamed up with Pledge Music for the release of her album, with the site (Pledge Music) allowing fans to access news of the record’s progress via regular updates and videos, along with short stories, blogs and forums.

The singer will also hold a guitar workshop with backing band member Euan Hinshelwood and perform a gig in a fan’s front room. “It just semed like a really good idea because we were able to do the album straight away rather than messing about with deadlines,” she said.