Emmy the Great streams new track ‘Swimming Pool’ featuring Wild Beasts’ Tom Fleming

First single from forthcoming album 'Second Love' available now

Emmy The Great has teased first single ‘Swimming Pool’ from her new album ‘Second Love’, which is available to stream now.

The track, originally released on last year’s ‘S’ EP, has been made exclusively available for streaming on music website NPR, ahead of its release.

The singer-songwriter, whose real name is Emma-Lee Moss, discussed the track with the site, saying: “It happened by accident really, and it was so different from everything else I’d written previously… I think it sent me on the mission I ended up on, which took me all over America trying to find my sound”.


It’s the first glimpse of new material from ‘Second Love’, due to be released through Bella Union on March 11, and features instrumentation courtesy of Wild Beasts member Tom Fleming. The album will be Moss’ first full length material released since 2011’s ‘Virtue’.

Last February, Emmy shared a video detailing “her worst performance ever” at London venue Oslo, after she deliberately botched her performance.

“After years of enjoying the worst performances ever by many of my favourite artists, I decided to join the ear-destroying world of shreds with this, my own lovingly crafted worst performance ever of ‘Swimming Pool’,” Moss explained in a statement afterwards.