Emmy The Great shares ‘worst performance ever’ video – watch

Singer-songwriter deliberately botches performance

Emmy The Great has posted a clip from a live performance she has called her ‘worst ever’.

At a recent gig at London’s Oslo venue, the singer-songwriter deliberately botched the delivery of her recently-released track ‘Swimming Pool’, giving the sold-out crowd a skewered vocal performance. Click above to watch.

“After years of enjoying the worst performances ever by many of my favourite artists, I decided to join the ear-destroying world of shreds with this, my own lovingly crafted worst performance ever of ‘Swimming Pool’,” said Emmy – real name Emma-Lee Moss – in a statement.

Moss recently released a new EP ‘S’ on Bella Union which she says was penned in a number of cities, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Salt Lake City, LA, New York and London.

“My previous recordings were a reflection of my internal world, but this is a record of me trying to engage with the outside,” she said

“Over the course of travelling and touring for the last two years I inhabited many cities and landscapes. While I wrote this EP and the album that will follow, everything changed. As I wrote the songs I began to reflect more and more the world that I saw around me, incredibly bright, technologically breathtaking. I am curious about being a person in this world, and I tried to write that into the music.”