Emmy The Great and BEAK> contribute to indie cookery book

Grass Widow, A Grave With No Name and Japanther also bring dishes to the table

A host of indie and punk musicians have contributed to a new alternative music-based cookery book, called The Mona Pizza.

The book features a bunch of foodie acts doing their best Delia Smith impressions, with Emmy The Great telling you how to rustle up a tasty bread and butter pudding as well as BEAK>’s rather more simple recipe for mackerel in pitta and Drum Eyes’s Scotch sushi.

Other rock’n’roll gourmet treats include Grass Widow’s orange chicken and A Grave With No Name’s sweet potato and spinach curry as well as a selection of juices from Japanther.

“In both [music and food] there are thousands of variations in method and style and it’s fascinating to think that there might be a relationship between the records we buy and the food that we prepare,” says the intro to the book.

Illustrated by George Collum, the book is available from August 1 from bellykids.co.uk and costs £5.95.