Emmy the Great and Summer Camp ‘superduo’ perform – video

Elizabeth Sankey joins Emmy the Great onstage at London literature festival

Emmy The Great and Elizabeth Sankey of Summer Camp debuted their one-off musical project Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield at last week’s London Word Festival.

They came together for Emmy The Great and poet Jack Underwood’s show for the alternative literature and arts event, where the pair had put on an evening of performance entitled The Goodbye Library, which took place at The Nave in Islington (April 27).

A tribute to the UK’s disappearing libraries, the show was divided into ten sections, each taking inspiration from a different category of the Dewey Decimal System.


Sankey joined Emmy The Great onstage for the teen fiction part of the evening and helped pay homage to the cult series, Sweet Valley High.

The pair performed under the names of the books’ lead characters and sang an acoustic duet entitled ‘I’ve Never Had Sex’, which you can watch below:

Emmy The Great releases her new album ‘Virtue’ on June 13.