Emmylou Harris charged with hit and run

The country singer hit another car on a Los Angeles freeway late last year

Country music star Emmylou Harris has been charged with hit and run following an incident which took place in Los Angeles in October of last year.

The singer was charged today (January 30) by the LA County District Attorney, reports TMZ.

If she is convicted on the charge of hit and run, she could face up to six months in jail.

At the time, Harris’ agent said that the incident, which happened on one of Los Angeles’ busy freeways, was a “garden-variety accident that happens every day on the 405”. They went on to state that Harris drove away from the incident as she didn’t realise that she had actually hit another vehicle.

Emmylou Harris paid tribute to cosmic country music legend Gram Parsons – pictured – on her last album, 2011’s ‘Hard Bargain’.

Parsons discovered Harris in a Washington DC folk club in 1971 and invited her to sing on his 1973 album, ‘GP’. He tragically died in the same year of a drug overdose. She recorded the track ‘The Road’ for ‘Hard Bargain’, which addressed her relationship with the singer.

Harris said of the track: “It’s terrible that Gram died so young, but I’m grateful that our paths crossed. It’s a thank you to him and kind of a tip of the hat to the universe to say ‘I’m still here and I was given all these wonderful things because of that meeting with this person.’ It’s just a reflection.”