Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele: ‘Our new record will be more Hollywood’

Frontman also talks Beyonce and The Sleepy Jackson with NME

Empire Of The Sun singer Luke Steele has told NME that songs on their second album will be much “bigger” than the pop duo’s 2008 debut ‘Walking On A Dream’.

The frontman recently revealed recording sessions for the new record had started in New York with his bandmate Nick Littlemore after they spoke for the first time since 2010’s Brit Awards.

Now he has shed further light on how the second album will sound.


Steele said:

The new songs are grander, more Disney, more colourful. On the last album we wanted to cross things over and do a little movie initially but at the end of the day a good song is a good song and all the other stuff didn’t really matter once the songs took off. For this record we want the songs to be more Hollywood, just bigger and more imaginative.

Littlemore has had very little involvement with the band since their debut was released three years ago, instead choosing to record a new album with his band Pnau and work on the Cirque Du Soleil New York musical, Zarkana while Steele was left to tour on his own.

The frontman said he’s also been working on a new record with his band The Sleepy Jackson but he has had little time to commit to it because of Empire Of The Sun.

He said:

I’ve been doing a new record for the last three years and Empire has just swallowed it up.

Steele also found himself working on the new Beyonce album ‘4’ with producer Jeff Bhasker.

He added:

We both wrote the track ‘Rather Die Young’. We sent it over to her and she loved it and that was that. It went straight on the record.