Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele to release three albums in 2010

He's resurrecting The Sleepy Jackson and releasing a 'punk rock' album, as well as another EOTS record

Empire Of The Sun‘s Luke Steele has said he plans to release three albums this year.

Steele told NME.COM he’s currently working on the second album for Empire Of The Sun, as well as a new record from his other band The Sleepy Jackson and a “punk rock” solo project.

Speaking of Empire Of The Sun album, Steele confirmed that he’s not currently in contact with bandmate Nick Littlemore who left the band suddenly in early 2009), but added that that hasn’t deterred him from persevering alone. “Some of it is like Mylo and a bit more Prince. It’s dramatic,” he said of the album.

Meanwhile, Steele says he wants The Sleepy Jackson‘s new album to be “classic songs the whole way through”, while another album – his “punk rock thing” – will come out under the title Icon Python. “I’m really excited about that one because it starts on the blues and I just go rad on it,” he said of the record, which he says is “90 per cent” finished.

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