Luke Steele says Empire Of The Sun bandmate has ‘disappeared’

Steele has also almost written the new Sleepy Jackson album

Empire Of The Sun singer Luke Steele says his bandmate Nick Littlemore has not been in contact with him for five months.

According to Steele, Littlemore “disappeared” from Empire Of The Sun, and the frontman says he doesn’t even know where his collaborator is living at the moment, reports ABC.

“He disappeared about five months ago and I haven’t really heard from him,” Steele said. “Last I heard he’s in Canada and then he’s in Vegas. [But] as my dad always says, you’ve got to keep the show on the road.”

Littlemore, who also fronts Pnau, hasn’t appeared in either of Empire Of The Sun‘s last two videos, ‘Standing On the Shore’ and ‘Without You’.

When asked if Littlemore was still in the band, Steele‘s response was: “I really don’t know. He’s just left me with the baby.”

Steele said he is currently putting the final touches to Empire Of The Sun‘s debut live shows, which are due to take place at Australia’s Parklife music festivals starting in Brisbane on September 26. He has drafted in Adelaide band The Swiss to be his backing band for the shows.

The singer also revealed that he has almost finished writing a new album for his other band The Sleepy Jackson, and confirmed that he plans to bring Empire Of The Sun‘s live show overseas next year.

“I think my middle name should be workaholic. It never stops,” he said.

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