Nu-Gazers cancel German gig due to extraordinary circumstances…

THE ENGINEERS have been caught up in a police enquiry following an aborted gig in Germany (May 2).

The band were due to play at Hamburg venue Tanzal when singer Simon Phipps, who had been filming outside, was suddenly accosted by several men.

“Phipps ran into the venue while these lads threatened to kick fuck out of all of us unless they got the tape,” drummer Sweeny told NME.COM.


“Fortunately we managed to calm them down and they got the tape and left,” he added. “The police arrived and shut the street because (they believed) these fuckers had shot four people and we were the only people who had seen their faces.”

The band had to abandon their gig and go to a nearby police station to give statements.

The Engineers have now left Germany to continue their European tour, but have been told they may have to return later this year in the event of any trail.

The band’s next single ‘Home’ is released on June 13.