Hear ENHYPEN’s charming cover of Queen’s ‘A Kind Of Magic’

As part of Coca-Cola Japan’s 2022 Coke Studio summer campaign

ENHYPEN have released their rendition of Queen’s 1986 single ‘A Kind Of Magic’.

The seven-member K-pop boyband, who hail from South Korean agency Belift Lab, released the cover of ‘A Kind Of Magic’ as part of Coca-Cola Japan’s 2022 Coke Studio summer campaign. The track was released on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music yesterday (June 7).

ENHYPEN’s rendition largely stays true to the original, with the members taking turns handling the verses and choruses on the track. “This is a kind of magic / This rage that lasts a thousand years / Will soon be done (done),” Jak and Jay belt out in the pre-chorus.


The group recently performed at KPOP.FLEX, which took place in Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany. Their set at the inaugural K-pop music festival saw ENHYPEN perform hits like ‘Drunk-Dazed’, ‘Fever’ as well as their viral TikTok hit ‘Polaroid Love’.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN vocalist Heeseung recently made a guest appearance on the Lee Mu-jin Service show, where he performed a abridged piano rendition of his group’s song ‘Tamed-Dashed’. Of the cover, the singer explained that explained that “a lot of people know this song as a rhythmical song, but I tried to slow down the tempo and sing it in a conceptual way”.

Apart from ‘Tamed-Dashed’, during Heeseung’s appearance on the series, the singer also covered Crush’s 2014 single ‘Sofa’ and George’s 2019 release ‘Camping Everywhere’. To cap off the show, Heeseung and Lee shared the stage to perform a duet of IU’s 2017 song, ‘Secret Garden’.