ENHYPEN drop spooky music video for ‘Bite Me’

"The sound is unconventional for our group," said Heeseung

ENHYPEN have released a spooky music video for their new single ‘Bite Me’.

The music video for ‘Bite Me’ features the boyband as vampires who seem to whorship the moon. The song is a cut from ENHYPEN’s new mini-album, ‘Dark Blood’.

“We received a lot of love and support from our fans when we met them after the pandemic. We realised that we were closely connected with Engenes,” said Sunghoon, per Korea Herald. “This album shows our gratitude for Engenes through the story of a boy.”


“The sound is unconventional for our group and I attempted the recording from various angles and discovered a way to combine the different charms of each member,” Heeseung added. “I’m happy that the song turned out well.”

‘Dark Blood’ is the boyband’s first release of 2023, and comes nearly 10 months after their 2022 mini-album ‘Manifesto: Day 1’. That project featured the singles ‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)’ and ‘ParadoXXX Invasion’.

Last year, ENHYPEN also released ’Dimension : Answer’, which was a repackaged version of their October 2021 debut studio album ‘Dimension : Dilemma’. Notably, the re-released record spawned the viral TikTok hit ‘Polaroid Love’.

‘Polaroid Love’ would end up as the 16th most-streamed K-pop song on Spotify in 2022. Meanwhile, the boyband’s 2021 viral hit ‘Fever’ landed at number 40 on the same list.

NME also named ‘Polaroid Love’ as one of the best K-pop songs of 2022, with writer Carmen Chin saying: “This schmaltzy pop number unabashedly indulges in romanticising the ordinary.”


In November, ENHYPEN were also the only boyband awarded the Hot Rookie title at the inaugural THE-K Billboard Awards. They were joined by girl groups NewJeans, IVE and Kep1er.

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