ENHYPEN join line-up of upcoming K-pop festival in Europe

Alongside acts like MONSTA X, (G)I-DLE and NCT Dream

ENHYPEN are the latest act to join the line-up of KPOP.FLEX, an upcoming K-pop festival that’s set to take place in Europe.

Yesterday (January 13), KPOP.FLEX revealed that the Belift Lab boyband would be part of its line-up for its upcoming May event, which is said to be Europe’s biggest-ever K-pop festival. The five-hour show is set to take place on May 14 at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany.

ENHYPEN is the fourth of a total of seven acts to be announced for the festival, after MONSTA X, (G)I-DLE and NCT Dream. At the time of writing, the remaining three acts have yet to be revealed. Tickets to KPOP.FLEX are now available here.


Earlier this week, the septet made their return with ‘Dimension : Answer’, the repackaged version of their debut studio album ‘Dimension : Dilemma’. The re-release had dropped alongside a vibrant visual for their powerful new single ‘Blessed-Cursed’, which showcased the song’s challenging choreography.

At a press conference on the same day, leader Jungwon revealed that the choreography for ‘Blessed-Cursed’ is the most physically demanding dance the group have ever attempted. He went on to share his admiration for HYBE seniors BTS and their performance skills. “We tried very hard to learn from their stage performances and hope to become a K-pop group recognised in that way,” he said.

In addition to ‘Blessed-Cursed’, the boyband’s repackaged album also includes two new tracks: the upbeat ‘Polaroid Love’ and closing song ‘Outro : Day 2’, which features an English-language narration by Korean-Australian member Jake.