ENHYPEN on life as K-pop idols: “There’s a lot of things you have to sacrifice”

“All the sacrifices that we made through the years have all paid off,” said member Jake

K-pop boyband ENHYPEN have opened up about their lives as idols.

Yesterday (May 22), ENHYPEN returned with their new mini-album ‘Dark Blood’, led by the single ‘Bite Me’. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the boyband discussed their lives as K-pop idols in relations to their new song ‘Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)’,

“I believe that there’s a lot of ups and downs when you become an idol. And there’s a lot of things you have to sacrifice, but there’s a lot of things you gain in being an artist, being a K-pop star,” said Jake.


However, the idol also added that “all the sacrifices that we made through the years have all paid off with our fans’ support and all the love we get whenever we perform”, sharing that this has allowed them to forget about the sacrifices they have made.

The ENHYPEN members went on to discuss how they balance their public lives as idols and their personal lives. Sunghoon shared that while he does have an onstage persona while performing, he also allowed his “natural self” to appear while interacting with fans in more intimate settings, such as livestreams and vlogs.

“In our everyday lives, I tend to do the things that I need to do or I want to do during our days off so I think that’s how I strike a balance between the artist Park Sunghoon and human Park Sunghoon,” said the singer.

The newly released ‘Dark Blood’ marks ENHYPEN’s first domestic release of 2023, and comes ten months after their third mini-album ‘Manifesto: Day 1’ arrived last July.

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