Enny shares new documentary ‘Under 25 ‘til Infinity’

The 30-minute film tracks the singer's career so far after quitting her job in 2019

Enny has shared a new documentary, tracking her musical journey so far – watch Under 25 ‘til Infinity in full below.

The 30-minute film, a play on the London-based artist’s debut EP ‘Under 25’, which came out this summer, takes viewers on a journey from when Enny quit her job in 2019 to pursue music, through her early career and right up to the present day and the release of the debut EP.

Discussing the new film, Enny said: “This is the story from the beginning as it still being written. From Instagram freestyles and YouTube beats to the execution of UNDER 25.


“This isn’t one persons journey I say this a lot but this shit takes a village… find your village.”

Watch Under 25 ‘til Infinity in full below:

Speaking of the ‘Under 25’ EP in a statement ahead of its release, Enny said: “This project concept was birthed in the most confusing time of my early 20s. I was caught between the sudden ticking of the age clock and  feeling unfulfilled in a 9-5.

“The songs reflect not only my journey into quitting my job to do music but also everyone involved in bringing this to life from meeting PAYA who nurtured and produced the tracks to just connecting with some really amazing people at Root73.

“I hope everyone that listens is able to feel the love and care that’s gone into crafting these songs because it’s not just mine it’s ours and just the first of many.”


The EP made NME’s list of the best EPs and mixtapes of 2021. In a four-star review upon the EP’s release in July, we said: “Enny doesn’t follow the south London crowd and rely on drill beats to make her name, she instead uses her burgeoning fame to highlight the high-concept, narrative-heavy UK rap scene that deserves more attention.

“There’s a disjointed moment or too, sure, but that’s easy to look past with a rapper who does everything with such conviction and confidence as Enny.”

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