Enrique Iglesias may never regain full sensitivity in hand after injuring self on flying drone

The singer cut his hand attempting to grab a drone camera during his concert in Mexico

Enrique Iglesias may not regain full sensitivity in his injured hand, reports say.

The singer sliced open his hand during a concert at Plaza de Toros de Playas in Tijuana, Mexico last weekend (May 30). The incident occurred when Iglesias grabbed a camera drone in an attempt to show the audience his point of view.

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A representative for the singer previously said that he was “semi-treated” from side-of-stage. A statement was then posted to the pop star’s official website describing the injuries as “a bit worse” than originally thought, leading to Iglesias undergoing “reconstructive surgery” earlier this week.

Initial reports suggested a full recovery. However Billboard now report that Iglesias may never regain full sensitivity in his injured hand. A source told the site: “He will need minor rehab once his finger and skin graft have healed. Only time will tell if sensitivity on that tip of the finger will come back and at what percentage.”

Video footage of the incident shows Iglesias grabbing the drone and then flinching before throwing it on to the stage with a bloodied hand, which he then used to draw a heart on his T-shirt. He proceeded to complete the show despite his injuries.

Watch below for fan footage of the incident, followed by behind-the-scenes clips of the aftermath.



Also see a photo of the incident: