Enter Shikari frontman accuses 30 Seconds To Mars of ‘exploiting their fans’

Rou Reynolds says Jared Leto's band are 'exploiting their fans'

Enter Shikari‘s Rou Reynolds has criticised 30 Seconds To Mars for charging their fans to meet the band after concerts.

Posting a link to a blog which explains how Jared Leto and his band charge fans up to £575 to spend time with them before and after they have played live on their forthcoming US tour, Reynolds wrote that the practice is “exploiting” fans and calling it “madness.” Scroll down to see the tweets now.

Sam Halliday of Two Door Cinema Club recently spoke to NME about his own feelings on the subject of bands charging for meet and greets, accusing them of “ripping off” their fans. His words followed the news that US band Hawthorne Heights were charging fans £100 to spend the day with them on tour in America later this year.

“Our fans would be against us charging for meet and greets, based on the fact that we’ve done competitions and we’ve given it away for free before,” said Halliday. “When it’s obviously something being done purely for money then it reflects badly on everyone. However, I think if you did that from the off, then I’m sure some fans would think of that as ‘Oh well, it’s great that they’re providing this opportunity’, sadly. There’s always better ways of making money than ripping fans off.”