Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds shares his battle with general anxiety disorder

Frontman also suffered from insomnia and exhaustion during a difficult period last year

Enter Shikari‘s Rou Reynolds has shared his battle with general anxiety disorder in a series of tweets.

The frontman revealed that he also suffered from insomnia, exhaustion and had a severe panic attack during a difficult period last year, during which he described himself as “surviving on adrenaline”.

“Strange to think, this time last year, I’d only slept 6 hours this week! I was halfway through 12weeks of insomnia & gen. anxiety disorder,” Reynolds began on Twitter on Sunday (July 3). “After suffering from exhaustion I had the nastiest panic attack of my life & was hospitalised forcing us to cancel our Download warm up show.”


“At its worst, some mornings after failing to sleep at all once more, I’d get up feeling utterly distraught & just burst into tears,” Reynolds added in a later tweet.

He explained that he had decided to share his story as “a reminder [that] we’re ALL just humans. Vulnerable humans. Tired, frightened, vulnerable humans”.

Reynolds ended his series of tweets on mental illness by pointing out that “the NHS is terminally underfunded and the mental health sections often get the worst brunt of the cuts”.

“A wise Psychology of the future will be practiced like dentistry. Checkups every year for all (but for free, I hope) even if no ‘problems’,” he advised.

Read all of Reynolds’ tweets below. Further information about General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is available on the NHS website.