Enter Shikari lash out at the BNP

Plus Little Boots and White Lies impress at Liverpool Sound City

Enter Shikari, Little Boots and White Lies wrapped up the third day of Liverpool Sound City festival last night (May 22).

The St Albans collective kicked off the event performing a chaotic show at the Barfly as they tested out new songs and almost destroyed the venue in the process.

Frontman Roughton Reynolds was on usual riotous form, setting about from the first song to demolish the speakers above him by mounting an amp and hitting it with his microphone. At one point he also ran into the crowd to scream new song ‘Step Up’ at his fans.

Playing only a handful of songs from their debut ‘Take To The Skies’, including ‘Sorry You’re Not a Winner’ and ‘Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour’, the set leaned heavily towards their forthcoming album ‘Common Dreads’.

Current single ‘Juggernaughts’ and ‘Hectic’ inspired plenty of crowd-surfing and saw a few fans trying to scale the venue’s pillars.

The gig also resulted in Reynolds urging the crowd to vote against the BNP in the upcoming European election, inspiring chants of ‘Fuck the BNP!’

They finished with ‘Enter Shikari’.

Across town Little Boots and White Lies went down well as they took over Academy 1 and 2.

Patrick Wolf also played the Stanley Theatre, showcasing new songs from his upcoming album ‘The Bachelor’.

At one point his microphone broke, which evidently annoyed the London singer before he joked: “Well at least I sing unlike Britney and Madonna.”

Later in the night the Barfly saw further sets from Post-War-Years, We Have Band, Chew Lips and Dan Black.

Chew Lips‘ frontwoman Tigs was clearly angry with the crowd’s lack of enthusiasm to dance, punctuating the show with various bitter and sarcastic remarks such as “this is our single ‘Solo’, sing along if you know it, that’s what people usually do”.

Responding to a shout of “you got balls!” from the crowd, she retorted: “I don’t have balls, at least not physically, I do mentally.”

Dan Black finished off the night playing buzz-songs such as ‘Yours’ and ‘Alone’.

Liverpool Sound City concludes tonight (May 23) with The Zutons and Deerhunter among the acts set to perform.