Enter Shikari debut new songs at intimate show

Raving rockers get up close and personal

Enter Shikari debuted six new songs at a chaotic London show last night (September 30).

The band battled technical troubles at the gig at Camden Underworld, but still managed to play a host of new tracks for the first time.

New songs being road-tested were ‘New Intro’, ‘Antwerpen’, ‘The Jester’, ‘Hectic’, ‘Hope’ plus new single ‘We Can Breathe In Space (They Just Don’t Want Us To Escape)’.

Broadening the band’s sound, ‘Hectic’ veers in a drum’n’bass direction, while the down-tempo ‘Hope’ has a slight reggae influence.

The show back was plagued by production hitches. During the first song, singer Roughton Reynolds surfed into the crowd losing his radio pack, while the show had to be halted several times as equipment cut out.

Nevertheless, the crowd remained ecstatic throughout, surfing and stagediving for the entire set.

After ‘Feast’, Reynolds joked: “The message from the stage crew is ‘play something they don’t know,’ because they think you’ll go less mental!”

Enter Shikari played:

‘New Intro’


‘No Sssweat’



‘Step Up’

‘The Jester’

‘Return To Energiser’

‘Kickin’ Back On The Surface Of Your Cheek’



‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’

‘We Can Breath In Space (They Just Don’t Want Us To Escape)’

‘Enter Shikari’

‘Okay, Time For Plan B’