Enter Shikari announce new album ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’

The first single '{ The Dreamer’s Hotel }' is out now

Enter Shikari have announced their new album ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’ — listen to its first single ‘{ The Dreamer’s Hotel }’ below.

The upcoming LP is the follow-up to the band’s 2017 record ‘The Spark’, which was their fifth studio album.

Enter Shikari have now announced details of ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’, confirming that the album will be released on April 17. You can hear ‘{ The Dreamer’s Hotel }’ below.


You can see the tracklist for ‘Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible’ below.

1. The Great Unknown
2. Crossing The Rubicon
3. { The Dreamer’s Hotel }
4. Waltzing off the Face of the Earth (I. Crescendo)
5. modern living…
6. apocoholics anonymous (main theme in B minor)
7. the pressure’s on
8. Reprise 3
9. T.I.N.A
10.Elegy For Extinction
11. Marionettes (I. The Discovery of Strings)
12. Marionettes (II. The Ascent)
13. satellites
14. the king
15. Waltzing off the Face of the Earth (II. Piangevole)

Speaking about the new album, frontman Rou Reynolds told Kerrang! that “possibility is the central theme of the album, lyrically, but it also is musically, too”.

“One track is a symphonic orchestral piece, but then there are other tracks that wouldn’t sound out of place on our first album, [2007’s] ‘Take To The Skies’,” he explained.

“I think one thing about this album that’s slightly different is that we set out to make something that encapsulates everything that Shikari have done. This album is more broad, and there’s more confidence in the songwriting. Plus, I produced it, so it gave us more attention to detail. There are more hours that have been put into this album than any other – a lot more sweat, toil, and crippling indecision!”


Reynolds previously said that his band are striving to “make the definitive Shikari record”.

“The one that a fan would pass to their mate like, ‘You don’t know Shikari? This is where you start.’”