Halle Berry's fiance gets ready to release a new single...

Soul soloist ERIC BENET, fiance of US actress HALLE BERRY, has now completed all filming commitments for his role in MARIAH CAREY’s forthcoming movie, ‘ALL THAT GLITTERS’ and will release a stateside single, ‘LOVE DON’T LOVE ME’ at the end of the month.

Benet, who achieved critical acclaim with his sophomore album, ‘A Day In The Life'(which featured the Faith Evans collaborative single ‘Georgy Porgy’and the X-rated track ‘That’s Just My Way’), has already set to work on this third album.

‘Love Don’t Love Me’ is featured on the soundtrack to the forthcoming ‘urban buddy movie’ ‘The Brothers’, which stars comedian Bill Bellamy (who presented 1998’s MOBO Awards with Mel B) and Morris Chestnut (of ‘Boyz In The Hood’, and ‘The Best Man’ fame)

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