Erykah Badu: ‘Wayne Coyne can kiss my glittery ass’

Badu slams The Flaming Lips frontman after he leaked a NSFW music video of her and her sister Nayrok

Erykah Badu has blasted Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne after he leaked an unapproved edit of the highly NSFW video to ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’, from ‘The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends’ collaborations album.

The video, which was posted last week, was removed a day later, but Badu has now said that Coyne did “everything wrong on set” when they made the video together and has called him an “ass” for putting the video online. Speaking via her Twitter account – via Pitchfork – she has said that Coyne’s decision to leak the unapproved edit of the video to their collaborative song was “self-serving”.

She added that although she found some of Coyne’s ideas for the video “disturbing”, she didn’t want to “kill” his concept, and asked her sister Nayrok to take part in the scenes that she wasn’t happy about.

She wrote: “U disrespected me by releasing pics and rough vid on the internet without my approval. (Contract breech )… That is equivalent to putting out a security camera’s images of me changing in the fitting room.”

She added: “I never would have approved that tasteless, meaningless, shock motivated video… As a woman I feel violated and underestimated.”

Badu signed off from her extended Twitter rant by saying: “These things have been said out of necessity. And if you don’t like it you can KiSS MY Glittery ASS. O and Nayrok told me to tell u to kiss her ass too.”

Coyne then responded by writing on Twitter “Hey @fatbellybella I kissed it!!!! Thanks!!!!!!” adding a picture of him pursing his glitter covered lips.