Dare you read on?...

Soul songstress Erykah Badu has revealed that her new dreadlocks are false.

In an interview with US publication Honey, Badu confirms that her auburn shoulder length dreads are shop-bought and that she’s uncaring about the criticism due her way.

She says, “I don’t give a shit about what anyone says about it. There are plenty of people with natural hair and processed minds.”


Badu also knocked all rumours about a supposed relationship with rapper Common. In the same interview Badu stated: “He’s a good person, but ladies, he’s free.”

The rumour mill is building around Badu on the eve of her eagerly-awaited sophomore album, ‘Mama’s Gun’, due out on November 21. The LP is preceded by the stirring, Issac Hayes sampling single ‘Bag Lady’. Badu directed the video for the single herself, and it features her sister and her baby son, Seven.

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