“The essence of hip hop”: Pusha T reacts to Eminem’s feud with Machine Gun Kelly

"I think they’ve both done a good job."

Pusha T has revealed how he thinks Eminem‘s ongoing feud with Machine Gun Kelly is following a classic pattern of hip-hop rivalries.

The spat between the two was sparked earlier this month, after Eminem dissed Kelly on surprise album ‘Kamikaze’.

In response, Kelly responded with his own rap track, the furious ‘Rap Devil‘. Eminem then proved that he’s not one to let things lie by firing back with ‘Killshot’, his second diss track against Kelly.

As well as firing verbal shots at each other, the feud also provoked anger from Jay Electronica and Joe Budden after ‘Killshot’ saw Eminem claiming that P Diddy had ordered Tupac’s death.

Some fans were also left questioning whether the beef was genuine, after it emerged that the pair shared the same producer for their respective diss tracks.

Machine Gun Kelly / Eminem

Machine Gun Kelly / Eminem

But Pusha T is convinced that it’s the real deal – and he believes that it’s good for hip hop.

“No I don’t think so”, he replied when asked by NME if the feud is manufactured.

“I think what they’re doing is they’re basically keeping it at the essence of hip hop. And the back and forth exchange is what hip hop is all about, and I think they’ve both done a good job.”

He also discussed the response to Daytona – and how he managed to articulate the sentiment of the album over seven tracks.

“At first, I really wasn’t with the seven tracks; but, when I look at everybody else and like you said the world of 90 minute albums, when you look at that and you look at how people are using length to help play with their numbers, it’s a little cheap to me”, he said.

“So I feel like doing it this way, it’s like less is more, you know that I’m not toying around, and not trying to make you sit through streams for no reason. And it ended up good!