Etta James hospitalised with blood poisoning

Blues singer in hospital in southern California

Etta James has been hospitalised in southern California with blood poisoning.

The blues singer legend has been admitted to an undisclosed hospital to be treated for sepsis caused by a urinary tract infection, reports the Associated Press. The ailment is a potentially deadly one caused by a bacterial infection. She suffered from the same problem last year and had to be treated in hospital then.

James, who is 73, suffers from various ailments including dementia, leukemia and kidney problems. Earlier this year her husband Artis Mills won a court case that resulted in him being given $60,000 (£37,580) of the singer’s savings to pay for her medical care. He had asked a judge to give him control of $1 million of his wife’s wealth, claiming she has become too ill to oversee her own finances.

Judge Thomas Cahraman granted Mills, who has been married to James for 41 years, full permission to use her money to cover the care until last February.