Eurovision 2023: BBC sign language translator has gone viral for performing Finland’s entry

He was part of a stellar ensemble of sign language translators at the Eurovision final

A BBC sign language translator has gone viral after translating the Finnish entry ‘Cha Cha Cha’ into British sign language at the Eurovision final.

The upbeat dance track by Käärijä was an early favourite to win the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest 2023. One viewer described the performance as “fucking bonkers and brilliant”, with another adding: “The Eurovision village went wild for Finland…biggest reaction of the night so far.”

However, ‘Cha Cha Cha’ ultimately came in at second place to Swedish singer Loreen and her song ‘Tattoo’.


BBC sign language translator Adrian Bailey was praised for his enthusiastic performance of the tune. “Give this guy a trophy,” a fan wrote. Another added: “He is so brilliant, absolutely the best act there! Love him.”

Despite Bailey being the most popular of the night, other interpreters made the contest just as enjoyable for those who may be hard of hearing as those who aren’t. Some names include Liz Smith, Christopher Stone, Abigail Gorman, and Naomi Bearne.

A fellow broadcaster even enthused: “Give the person who signed ‘Cha Cha Cha’ a raise.”

This year’s Eurovision was held in the UK city of Liverpool. It is tradition for the winning country to host the following competition, however, due to Ukraine (who won the 2022 competition) being at war, the runner-up country held the event.


In her first interview since her historic win, the only female two-time winner Loreen said: “This feels amazing. I’m starting to melt! It was surreal in the beginning I’m like ‘What just happened?!’… It’s sinking in, it’s so beautiful and I’m so thankful.”

‘Cha Cha Cha’ was performed by Finnish rapper-singer-songwriter Käärijä, who finished in second place with a (still) impressive 376 points. Many fans were upset that the Finnish multihyphenate didn’t win the competition over Sweden’s entry, taking to social media to let their feelings be known. You can see the reactions here.

The UK’s own Mae Muller, however, came second to last in the whole competition with her track, ‘I Wrote A Song’. Finishing with 24 points, Mae has since responded to the disappointing result with a statement.

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