Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart reveals he wasn’t invited to Annie Lennox’s wedding last year

'Sweet Dreams' duo released nine albums together but Stewart says they 'barely ever talk now'

Dave Stewart has revealed that his former Eurythmics bandmate Annie Lennox didn’t invite him to her wedding last year.

Lennox wed South African gynaecologist Dr Mitch Besser last September (2012) in a private ceremony in London attended by guests including actor Colin Firth and comedian Ruby Wax.

“It’s weird isn’t it? People always still think of us as a couple and yet we barely ever talk now,” Stewart admitted in an interview with The Independent. “I don’t even know where the wedding was. I live here [in LA] with four children and Annie lives between South Africa and London. I’ll have to ask her: ‘Why not? Why wasn’t I invited? Why wasn’t I there?’ I certainly would have gone if she’d asked me.”


Stewart and Lennox were romantically involved for a time before Eurythmics broke through with their classic 1983 single ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’, recently voted the UK’s most misquoted song. The duo released nine studio albums together and last reunited in 2005 to promote a greatest hits compilation, The Ultimate Collection, which featured two new recordings.

However, Stewart admitted that chances of a full-scale reunion tour are unlikely. “I doubt we’ll ever go out on the road again. We never talk about it. She just got married, as you know, with a doctor from South Africa and she’s working on all of her stuff there,” he explained, before adding later: “Annie and I don’t have to go on the road because we do other things.”