Ex- Evanescence drummer releases statement

He reveals he’s been given a gagging order

Former Evanescene drummer Rocky Gray has revealed how he has been served a gagging order by singer Amy Lee’s management preventing him from discussing the reasons for his departure from the band.

As previously reported Gray and guitarist John LeCompt exited the band, with LeCompt saying: “There’s absolutely no loyalty in this band.”

Writing on his blog today (May 6) Gray posted: “Amy Lee’s management emailed me last night to tell me that, in their view, the contract I signed to record, perform and tour with the group says I’m not allowed to have any free speech in regard to Evanescence.


“They way they spin it, I’m not even allowed to say I quit the group, I guess. But the news is out there, so, there ya’ go. I need to have a lawyer read over all that mess to tell me what, when and how I can tell you all- the REAL FANS- what really went down, if I ever can, haha.”

Despite suggestions that the band were in jeopardy a statement from Amy Lee says that the band will continue without them.

She said: “Evanescence is alive and well. John and Rocky were in Evanescence for four years and we shared some great times together playing live, but they were ready to move on and so we have parted ways. Evanescence is something I have loved and nurtured since I was fourteen, and I will continue to protect and fight for it as I always have.

Terry, Tim and I are very excited to play live with some amazing new musicians and we will rock harder than ever. Stay tuned for more news on that front. And don’t worry about the tour, guys. Nothing will be cancelled and we will see you soon!”

In 2003 Ben Moody left and in July 2006 bassist William Boyd exited the band.