Evanescence targeted by online hackers Anonymous over child pornography allegations

The allegations have come out after Lib Dem MP John Hemming made a statement to parliament

Evanescence singer Amy Lee has been targeted by online hacking organization Anonymous, who have accused the singer of preventing a witness from reporting child pornography and other online offences.

The online hacking group has launched a new operation named ‘Operation PedoChat’ which aims to uncover nefarious online activity and has named Lee and her manager Andrew Lurie on their list of targets.

The allegations involve the Evanescence fan forum EvThreads and were made in the House of Commons by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming.


In his petition to parliament, Hemming alleges that Lee’s lawyers had forced Sam Smith, a user on EvThreads, to sign a contract that prevented him from reporting a number of offences on the site.

These apparently include “drugs offences that have been expressly admitted by the alleged perpetrators” and the publication of a series of indecent sexual images, including “sexual offences against a physically disabled male minor and cartoons with pre-teens in lawful poses but with sexualised captions, including sexual activity with animals and one caption regarding a toddler consuming human faeces.”

You can read Hemming’s full petition at Publications.parliament.uk. EvThreads.com has since been closed down at the request of the band’s management.

Anonymous has also confirmed that it will be picketing the band’s November UK arena tour in masked gear, but has promised that their protests will remain peaceful.

The Arkansas rockers, who released their self-titled third studio album in October last year, will play four shows on their UK tour in early November. The band kick off the tour at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena on November 5.