The Ruff Ryder gets some top class help...

EVE has recorded a track with Alicia Keys, and has also worked with SNOOP DOGG on her new album.

The Ruff Ryders figurehead has recorded ‘Gangsta’ Lovin’ with EVE, which is likely to be the first single from her new album ‘Eve-olution’, due later this year.

In addition to the single, EVE has been working with Dr Dre, and also rapper Snoop Dogg. She told MTV news that the recording sessions had been an “adventure”.

She said: “I did get in the studio with Snoop and Nate Dogg. What an adventure. That’s an experience. We all know what Snoop loves to do, and pretty much my A&R and my manager were asleep because the room was so cloudy. It was a struggle, it was thick, but it helped the song. It was good atmosphere for the song.

“This was my second time working with Snoop. It was the same experience (as before). It was cloudy again. I love Snoop. I think Snoop is super talented. Working with established artists brings the best out of me.”

Also this year, EVE will launch her own clothing range, named Fetish.