The star insists she'll only accept a part that doesn't cast her as a rapper...

EVE has revealed her intention to move into acting, but has said she will only accept a part that doesn’t cast her as a rapper.

Speaking in the current issue of Smash Hits magazine, the star said she has been in meetings with various film bosses over recent weeks, and is working her way through a number of scripts she is interested in.

She said: “I hope to have everything sorted out by September…I’m currently in meetings with some movie bosses and looking at a number of scripts. It’s just a case of waiting for the right one. The problem is I keep getting asked to play a rapper. It’s like, ‘I’m a rapper already!’. To me that wouldn’t be acting. I just wanna act. I wanna put on some hair and some eyes and really act”.

Eve claimed she would like to either do comedy or something “very dramatic”, and would like to be cast with Samuel L Jackson, Russell Crowe and Sharon Stone.