No arrests yet after three men storm stage...

EVERLAST has issued a statement regarding the incident which saw his gig at DETROIT ST ANDREWS HALL on Friday (February 2) end in a violent fracas, after three men stormed the stage when he had a go at EMINEM and D-12.

Allstar music news in the US reports that a statement was issued yesterday (February 5), on behalf of Everlast, Tommy Boy Records and Deluxe Entertainment, in which they say they regret the “unfortunate circumstances” which caused the abrupt ending of the show just after ‘Jump Around’, Everlast’s former group House Of Pain’s biggest hit.

“Everlast did not want to end his show abruptly, however, to ensure the audience’s safety, he felt it necessary to do so. Everlast appreciates the support and concern of his fans in Detroit.”


As NME.COM reported yesterday, the stage was stormed by three unidentified people after Everlast, who has had an ongoing war of words with Eminem, called the rapper a “midget” and remarked that D-12 – his offshoot project, “is 12 people, not six you fucking morons”. The hip hop act has six members. He also challenged “anyone from Eminem’s camp” to take the mic, and when no one came forward said: “I didn’t think so.”

According to reports, one of the three men who then rushed the stage and got past security guards shouted: “Are you gonna let this motherfucker come to Detroit?” [Eminem’s hometown].

Allstar reports that no arrests have yet been made according to Detroit Police Department, but it is thought that one man, possibly a security guard, was seriously hurt in the melee which followed the incident and another is believed to have been treated for serious injuries at the local emergency department.

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