The former House Of Pain frontman's Detroit ends with two people injured, after he launches into an onstage tirade against local rappers D-12...

Two people were hurt after an incident at an EVERLAST gig in DETROIT on Friday (February 2), in which three men apparently tried to attack the singer while he was onstage.

According to reports on Allstar news, one man, thought to be a security guard, was left in a pool of blood in St Andrew’s Hall, another person was “seriously injured” and several more treated at the local Detroit Receiving Hospital after the fracas, which saw chairs and stage equipment being hurled around.

The singer had just finished ‘Jump Around’, his former group House Of Pain’s biggest hit, and launched into a rant against Detroit rapper Eminem, with whom he has had an ongoing slanging match, when three men rushed the stage.


Everlast had also had a go at D-12, Eminem’s side-project, and initial reports on Detroit TV, which are unconfirmed, speculated that the three men were part of the group.

Everlast had said: “D-12 is 12 people not six, you fuckin’ morons. The mic is open if there’s someone from Eminem’s camp who is here.” After a moment he added: “Didn’t think so.”

He had just begun the next track when the three men broke through the unusually tight security at the venue and got onstage. The rapper grabbed his guitar, apparently in self-defence, then dropped it and ran off stage, while the three men fought with security guards.

One of the men who had charged the stage broke away, grabbed the microphone and yelled, “Are you going to let this motherfucker come to Detroit?” before power to the stage was cut. He then grabbed the mic stand and began swinging it as a chair was thrown from the upper balcony.

The stage was pelted with bottles as fans ran out of the 1,000-capacity, sold-out venue.

Before the disturbance broke out, Everlast had also lashed out at Limp Bizkit, Pringles crisps – which is using ‘Jump Around’ in its current ad campaign – and Smash Mouth, who had also covered the song. He said: “Fuck Pringles. Fuck anyone who wants to make money off of my music… Limp Bizkit is my blueprint. I did that shit back in ’92. Fuck them. Let them make all the money they want.”


He then called Smash Mouth a bunch of “faggots” for covering ‘Jump Around’ in concert, but then took back the remark saying he didn’t want to offend homosexuals.

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