Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley posts statement following the band’s split

"There is absolutely no hate in my heart when I say that whatever is going on with the guys from now on is between them and their God"

Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley has issued a statement following yesterday’s (January 18) announcement from the other four members that the band has split.

Guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams, bassist Stephen Micciche and drummer Clayton “Goose” Holyoak all shared a joint statement saying their last show with the band took place in December.

They wrote: “While we hoped to come to an agreed upon legal statement that outlined the truth, we were informed today of something planned to be released not mutually agreed upon that consists of inaccuracies and controls a narrative to benefit one.”


The message went on to say that there has been “no direct communication” with Buckley, saying “it’s either impossible for direct communication with him solely or we’ve been cut off to any and all communication by him himself”.

Today (January 19), Keith Buckley has shared his own statement, which he captioned: “this is my Truth. read it if you want to know it.”

Buckley wrote: “There is absolutely no hate in my heart when I say that whatever is going on with the guys from now on is between them and their God. Any emotional/ mental connection I had to them was thoroughly severed when I got that letter on Dec. 20th. That was where our paths finally diverged completely.”

He continued that the band’s statement in December, which said they were working on issues with Buckley “privately” after the singer announced an impromptu hiatus days earlier, was “the only correspondence” he received, along with the December 20 legal letter after requesting a conversation.

Yesterday, Buckley posted the letter sent to him by law firm Savur Law, dated December 20, 2021, in response to the band’s statement. It said that the firm had been retained by the rest of the band “for legal representation in connection with a separation agreement” between them and Buckley.


It requests Buckley contact the law firm by December 27 to discuss “the business terms of an amicable separation between the parties”. It also requests that Buckley “immediately cease and desist from making any statements… that defame, disparage or in any way criticize the professional name, prestige, image, reputation, practices, or conduct” of the band.

In Buckley’s latest statement, he went on to explain the series of events that led to him taking a break from the band which included overhearing “plans to replace me while backstage”.

After Every Time I Die made their announcement in December confirming that the shows would not be cancelled, with fans invited to “come and help [them] finish this tour”, Buckley hit back online. The band then retracted their announcement, writing: “Keith Buckley is a crucial member of EVERY TIME I DIE and we apologise if our previous statement made it seem as if he was in recovery or came off as insensitive to the issues at hand.”

Buckley now claims that he found all of this out on Twitter like everyone else, which was followed by the December 20 letter which stated his separation from the band. He then writes that the other members offered to “give me back the band” on January 5 “with the condition that they receive payments for using the name and all likenesses while I toured”. Buckley says he declined the offer on January 6 and after an attempt to open discussion via his lawyer on January 17 which had no response, the band then released their statement.

“This is how I found out that the band I started when I was 19 years old was publicly over,” he wrote. “My Truth is that the pandemic changed me. full stop. I looked at my life and I realized not only was I unhappy, I was exhausted from pretending I wasn’t.”

He went on to describe the break-up as “inevitable” and that their “problems with each other go back decades”, thanking fans for their support along the way. He concluded: “Also, please do not send any hate to anyone regarding this. I sincerely wish them everything they deserve. I have absolutely no plans to comment further.”

Every Time I Die formed in Buffalo, New York in 1998. They released their debut album ‘Last Night in Town’ in 2001, and would go on to release eight more studio albums, most recently last year’s ‘Radical’. The album marked their first in five years, following on from 2016’s ‘Low Teens’.

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