Everything Everything preview new album ‘Get To Heaven’ at intimate London gig

Band debut eight new songs at Oval Space gig

Everything Everything fans got an intimate preview of the band’s forthcoming album ‘Get To Heaven’ as the band played eight new songs at their London gig last night.

Lead singer and guitarist Jonathan Higgs led his band on stage at the sold-out Oval Space in east London and they opened their set with an intense rendition of new song ‘To The Blade’, which got it’s first radio airplay only the day before.

The menacing new track saw Higgs singing about the ISIS beheadings that have occurred over the last year, in particular the brutal murder of Alan Henning, the taxi driver-turned-humanitarian aid worker. The lyrics “well you called him a liar, you called him a piece of dirt” refer to the words spoken by the executioner in the horrifying beheading video released to the world with Higgs adding, “In the final seconds, I think he knew everything you were, a plague on the horizon.”


The crowd-pleasing ‘Kemosabe’, from the band’s second album ‘Arc’ released in 2013, followed, before Higgs spoke his first words of the evening, asking, “Do we have any fans of the falsetto tonight?” whilst announcing that the band will be playing “some new ones”, much to the delight of the audience.

New album-titled track ‘Get To Heaven followed, alongside a change of jackets and lighting, each band member changing from black and orange jackets into blood red ones that were accompanied by similar lighting.

The crowd responded well to the new material, before Higg’s announced, “It’s good to be back”. ‘Regrets’ followed the vivacious ‘Schoolin’ from 2010’s debut album ‘Man Alive’.

Fan favourite ‘Don’t Try’ from ‘Arc’ led immediately into a performance of new song ‘The Wheel’ as Higg’s powerful vocals rang out “Do you wanna know how far you’ve come? Do you wanna know how far you’ve come? Do you have any ideas?”

The frontman congratulated the crowd on being “fucking awesome” before introducing more new material in the shape of ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’ which saw Higgs singing, “Winter Dread, I don’t want to get old”, focuses on social issues such as the benefits system.”

Everything Everything finished their set bu revisiting their debut once more, ending the main set with ‘Photoshop Handsome’, before thanking the audience, who cheered and demanded the band return for an encore.


Higg’s told the crowd as the band returned on stage “We are gonna play this song for Simon, I hope he gets well soon” before jumping straight into ‘No Reptiles’, their eighth new song of the night. There was no explanation as to who Simon is. The song saw Higgs repeat the refrain “Oh baby it’s alright, it’s alright, to feel like a fat child in a pushchair, old enough to run, old enough to fire a gun.”

EE ended the encore with ‘Cough Cough’, the band’s lead single from ‘Arc’, before Higg’s spoke his final words of the evening thanking the audience for coming out and “filling this room with all this love and body mass.”

Everything Everything played:

‘To The Blade’
‘Get To Heaven’
‘Don’t Try’
‘The Wheel’
‘Fortune 500’
‘Leave the Engine Room’
‘Distant Past’
‘Photoshop Handsome’
‘No Reptiles’
‘Cough Cough’

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