Everything Everything detail fifth album and release new song ‘Arch Enemy’

'Re-Animator' is coming this summer

Everything Everything have shared a new track called ‘Arch Enemy’ and detailed their upcoming fifth album, ‘Re-Animator’.

The Manchester group returned last month with the single ‘In Birdsong’, their first new material since 2018’s ‘A Deeper Sea’ EP.

It has now been confirmed that Everything Everything’s next full-length will be arriving on August 21 via Infinity Industries. Latest track ‘Arch Enemy’ made its debut on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show this evening (May 13).


“‘Arch Enemy’ sees a modern-day protagonist searching for a meaningful God,” singer Jonathan Higgs said of the track. “Finding only a congregation of greed, toxicity and waste, in the form of a sentient fatberg in the sewer, he duly prays to it, willing it to purge the decadent world above that has created it.

“These growing grease mountains are a curious juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient; a brand new example of archaic squalor.”

According to a press release, the band’s approach to penning ‘Re-Animator’ was to streamline the creative process by honing in on harmonies and melodies over synths and programming.

Everything Everything Re-Animator
Everything Everything – ‘Re-Animator’ artwork. CREDIT: Press

“This idea of the divided self captivated me,” explained Higgs of his fascination with psychologist Julian Jaynes’ theory of the bicameral mind, which heavily influenced the new material.


“Jaynes attributes this to the origin of gods, people ascribing deity status to this voice they could hear in their head. All this blew my mind, and I started thinking of ways I could make this a central concept. It really touched me. So across the whole record there are millions or references to this theory – to having a split brain, two selves, hearing voices.”

‘Re-Animator’ tracklist:

01. ‘Lost Powers’
02. ‘Big Climb’
03. ‘It Was A Monstering’
04. ‘Planets’
05. ‘Moonlight’
06. ‘Arch Enemy’
07. ‘Lord Of The Trapdoor’
08. ‘Black Hyena’
09. ‘In Birdsong’
10. ‘The Actor’
11. ‘Violent Sun’