Everything Everything: ‘The idea of masculinity is changing – we can share our emotions more freely now’

Watch our video interview with the band above

Everything Everything have spoken of how attitudes towards masculinity are changing for the better. Watch our video interview with the band above.

The band were speaking to NME on the red carpet of this year’s Mercury Music Prize 2018, where they were nominated for their acclaimed album ‘A Fever Dream‘.

“I think it’s an album about feeling pulled apart and separate from everybody – being suspicious of your neighbours, tribalism, stuff like that,” frontman Jonathan Higgs told NME. “I think people have latched onto it because a lot of people are feeling like that. They don’t know where they stand any more or who anyone is. That happened overnight and it left a lot of people in the dark.”

The band followed up the album with the EP ‘A Deeper Sea‘ – where the track ‘Breadwinner’ questioned traditional attitudes towards masculinity and male mental health.

“A lot of people are talking about it now,” Higgs continued. “I was watching a football match recently and the player was crying. I was thinking ‘That never would have happened in the ’90s. They would have got a lot of stick for that. Well, Gazza did – but now it’s like ‘Yes, we have emotions’ and we can share them a lot more freely now. It’s changed definitely for the better.”

The band also spoke of their final gigs of the year – including a yet-to-be-announced New Year’s Eve show in Manchester where they promise “17 songs, confetti cannons, T-shirt cannons, and climbing”.

Everything Everything tour dates and tickets

The band’s upcoming UK and Ireland tour dates are below and tickets are available here.

October 6 – Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester, United Kingdom
October 7 – Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland