Ex-My Chemical Romance guitarist gives update on Frank Iero’s health

Iero was involved in a serious bus accident last month

Ex-My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro has given an update on the health of former bandmate Frank Iero following his serious bus accident.

Last month, Iero and his band The Patience were on tour through Australia on tour when they were hit by a bus while unloading their van. One member of the band was airlifted to hospital and two underwent surgery.

After frontman Gerard Way revealed his ‘heartbreak’ at hearing the news, now Ray Toro has given NME an update on his friend’s wellbeing.


“I spoke to Frank a few days ago he’s home – basically resting,” Toro told NME. “Honestly, all three of the guys are very, very lucky to be alive and thank God. I got a text message from Gerard early in the morning and he had told me what happened, and it’s very, very scary when not only it’s a friend of yours but it’s he’s got three kids. He’s got a great family.”

He continued: “You just really think about what could have been lost in that moment. It’s interesting – everything’s all very relative and I feel like a lot of my record ties into that as well. These lost moments that you may have lived. You really need to try to take hold of the moment and make the most of all that you can”

mychemicalromance2010dc081110Dean Chalkley/NME

“Beyond everything, it’s like that for every regular person too – all of us,” he went on. “We forget that it’s hard to do that, and unfortunately sometimes it takes events like that where it puts life into perspective. The thing that sucks is that a few weeks or a few months later you may forget it until something else bad happens again it’s kind of like the human cycle.”

Ray added: “Frank’s doing great, though.”

Last week, Ray Toro announced the release of his debut solo album ‘Remember The Laughter’ on November 18. He describes the record as a “light concept record”.