Ex-Highlight member Yong Jun-hyung to make first solo comeback in three years

His first return to music since he was embroiled in the Jung Joon-young and Burning Sun scandals in 2019

Former Highlight member Yong Jun-hyung is reportedly gearing up to release his first solo material in three years.

On September 27, South Korean news outlet OSEN reported that Yong is currently in the final stages of preparations for his upcoming solo album, which will mark his first release in roughly three years.

Other details regarding the record’s exact release date, format, title and more were not disclosed by OSEN. Neither Yong Jun-hyung nor his representatives have officially responded to the report at the time of publication.


If confirmed, Yong’s forthcoming return would notably mark his first music since he released the standalone single ‘Empty’ in 2019, featuring Suran. It will also be his first record since his debut studio album ‘Goodbye 20’s’ which dropped in 2018. That album was led by the title track ‘Go Away’.

Yong’s new album will also be his first music since he was embroiled in the Jung Joon-young controversy in March 2019. Yong was allegedly a part of a chatroom with the actor where hidden camera footage and sexually explicit images were shared among its members.

Despite being proven that Yong’s messages in the chatroom were edited, he later admitted to watching the illegal footage sent to him by Jung – who was at the time under investigation for filming women without consent as part of the Burning Sun scandal involving former Big Bang member Seungri – and later left Highlight and label Around Us Entertainment.

Yong debuted as a member of Beast under CUBE Entertainment in 2009 with the single ‘Bad Girl’, alongside former bandmates Yoon Doo-joon, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-kwang, Son Dong-woon and Jang Hyun-seung. The group later left the label in 2017 and launched Around Us Entertainment together with the exception of Jang, under which they rebranded as Highlight.

In other news, Epik High’s Tablo recently shared that he has had to buy his own band’s rare merch at “huge resell markup” after tweeting about how he had forgotten to order a copy of the limited edition vinyl of the band’s 2019 mini-album ‘Sleepless In __________’.

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