Ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson aims to sue whoever leaked video that led to grooming allegations

The band announced they were parting ways with Ellefson earlier this week after he denied grooming an underage girl

Former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, who parted ways with the band earlier this week, says he is preparing to take legal action against the person who “illegally” uploaded “the very private video” that prompted allegations of grooming against him.

The band’s decision to dismiss Ellefson came after grooming allegations were levelled at the bassist earlier this month. Allegations surfaced after several explicit screenshots and a video, which Ellefson said in a later statement were of “some private and personal conversations and interactions”, were leaked on social media, with some alleging they were with an underage girl.

Ellefson has denied the allegations he was grooming an underage girl in a since-deleted post on Instagram, labelling the images and video “private, adult interactions that were taken out of context and manipulated to inflict maximum damage to my reputation, my career and family”.

On May 24, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine said an “already strained relationship” between the band and Ellefson, in addition to the new allegations, were enough “to make working together impossible moving forward”.

In a new statement to Rolling Stone, Ellefson has said that he intends to press charges against whoever was responsible for sharing the explicit video online.

“Recently, a very private video was illegally posted on the internet and false allegations were made against me. The actions in the video were between two consenting adults and were recorded without my knowledge,” Ellefson commented.

“I am working with Scottsdale Police Department in their investigation into charges regarding revenge pornography to be filed against the person who posted this video. Also, my lawyers are preparing a defamation lawsuit to be filed against this person. This person will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Sergeant Kevin Quon, a spokesperson for the Scottsdale Police Department, confirmed to Rolling Stone that Ellefson had met with police.

In his statement, Ellefson concluded by saying he was taking time to be with his family, and that he wished his former bandmates “the best with their upcoming tour”.

Megadeth are set to kick off a US tour with Lamb of God in August, and appear as part of Slipknot‘s one-day Knotfest in Iowa come September. A replacement has not yet been named for Ellefson.