Example’s new album inspired by ‘taking shitloads of ketamine’

Rapper says he's finished 12 songs for the record

Example has said that a song on his forthcoming third album is about “taking shitloads of ketamine”.

The rapper, speaking in this week’s issue of NME (available on UK newsstands now, or digitally worldwide), explained that he has already started work on the follow-up to his latest effort, ‘Won’t Go Quietly’.

“I’ve done 12 songs for the record already,” he said. “Do you want to know some song titles I’ve got for it so far? There’s ‘Shot Yourself In The Foot Again’, ‘Lying To Yourself’, ‘Swallowed Up By The Floor’.”


Speaking of the latter track, he stressed that it’s not about clubbing, saying: “It’s more like taking shitloads of ketamine.”

He added that he’s also written a “big power-ballad” for the record called ‘Let Your Eyes Do The Talking’. “Long after I’ve been Example I want to be a songwriter for the rest of my life,” he said.

See this week’s NME for the full interview with Example.