Example: ‘someone threatened to set me on fire’

Following his 'war' with Wigan, rapper speaks out about Twitter bullies

Example has spoken out about receiving abuse on Twitter.

“It can be really scathing on Twitter – someone threatened to set me on fire,” he told Metro.

It’s across the board: ‘I hate you, you look like a monkey… I can’t believe you’re famous – you’re shit… I saw you on TV and you’re a wanker.’ For every comment like those, you get 20 nice ones. I don’t take it to heart.

The singer/rapper also commented that he had been outspoken about other artists, and so “can’t expect people not to be honest about how they feel about me.”


He says: “I said stuff about Alexandra Burke, Cher Lloyd, various boy bands, Olly Murs… then I met him and he’s a lovely bloke, regardless of what you think of his music. After a while, you realise it’s better to keep it to yourself.”

The rapper has received his fair share of abuse offline too. He recalls a gig supporting The Rifles at Keele University, where he says the crowd set the fire alarms off so they wouldn’t have to watch him perform. “The promoter asked me if I wanted to finish my set. I went on and someone threw a bread roll at my head and a pound coin hit me on my tooth,” he says.

Example’s comments follow his comments about the people of Wigan last week. Example stated on Twitter that he receives more abuse from the northern town than any other place. He was then pictured on the cover of the Wigan Evening Post under the headline “Bad Example”, with a report saying he had “offended the whole town”.