Exclusive: Watch the final episode of ‘TRANSMISSIONS’ – New Order’s ‘Movement’ documentary series

"Who wants to come and see the band that used to be Joy Division?"

New Order have shared the final episode of their new series TRANSMISSIONS, which tells the story of their classic album ‘Movement’. See it first on NME.com below.

The series focuses on the creation of the Manchester band’s 1981 debut, which was released in the year following the demise of Joy Division: the band that brought about New Order’s incarnation.

While the first and second episodes focused respectively on the experiences of Bernard Sumner and guitarist Gillian Gilbert, the final chapter sees drummer Stephen Morris providing his take on things.


“Who wants to come and see the band that used to be Joy Division? Nobody,” jokes Morris as he recalls the band’s formative period.

“I don’t know who to feel sorry for. Us or the audience. There was a couple of gigs in America where I’m sure I heard someone say, ‘Which one’s the dead guy?'”

Watch in full below as Morris discusses the band’s early struggles in deciding on a vocalist. He says Bernard Sumner was “quite good” because he sang in “a half-hearted, disinterested way that was quite charming”.

‘Movement’ is set to be reissued on vinyl and CD, boasting tonnes of previously unreleased cuts, demos, and live performances. Concert footage from a 1980 show will be included on a DVD.

What’s more, additional 12″ singles that were released around the time of ‘Movement’ – ‘Ceremony’, ‘Everything’s Gone Green’, and ‘Temptation’ – will also be made available in their original sleeves. These songs are scheduled to be released once a week from March 8.


The reissue of ‘Movement’ will be available from April 5, 2019. Pre-order it here.

This summer, New Order will also headline Portsmouth’s Victorious Festival.

Describing their headline show, Sumner said: “After months of touring it felt like we needed to find the perfect setting for our last show of the summer, I believe we have found it! We can’t wait to play at Victorious and its picturesque seaside location!”

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