EXID rapper Elly signs with Shinsadong Tiger’s TR Entertainment

She is now labelmates with rookie girl group TRI.BE

EXID member Elly (formerly known as LE) has signed an exclusive contract with Shinsadong Tiger’s K-pop agency TR Entertainment.

On April 17, TR Entertainment announced that the EXID rapper had signed an exclusive contract with the agency. Notably, the agency was founded by her longtime collaborator Shinsadong Tiger, who she  worked with on the vast majority of EXID’s hits, including ‘Up & Down’ and ‘DDD’.

Elly and Shinsadong Tiger have also worked with to produce music for the TR Entertainment K-pop girl group TRI.BE, starting from their 2021 debut.


“As the producer of TRI.BE, Elly has been working with our agency based on strong trust. Of course, we plan to fully support Elly in releasing her solo album, and show her original charms in various ways,” said TR Entertainment, per StarNews.

“We support Elly’s new beginning, and we ask for your interest and love for Elly, who will continue to accompany TR Entertainment in the future,” it added.

The idol also shared a statement of her own via the agency: “I am happy to be with TR Entertainment, which I have deeply connected through various collaborations, including TRI.BE’s music. We will deliver positive energy through good music, so please look forward to it.”

The news comes over three years after Elly left her previous agency, Banana Culture in March 2020. The rest of EXID signed with new agencies after leaving the label in 2019 and 2020.

Last September, EXID reunited to release the single album ‘X’ to commemorate their tenth anniversary as a group. The record was led by the single ‘Fire’, which was released in both Korean and English.

“I believe that ‘X’ is a true reflection of how much we have grown, and how we were able to be ‘us’, so we were able to create this album with so much gratitude and appreciation,” member Hani told NME in a previous interview.

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